10 Day Vegan Challenge 18-27 Nov 2019

3 Reasons to ‘Eat The Rainbow’…and a list!- Why do Nutritionists commonly say ‘Eat the Rainbow’? What we mean by this is we recommend you eat a variety of natural foods that are of different colours. Here are 3 reasons and a list.
Dairy – A Review- Recently I wrote a review on dairy for BANT, so here it is! Please contact me if you want to talk any more about this.
Spotlight on Mushrooms- Happy new year! It’s a good time to get into new habits for sustained health – and a good way is to bring in some mushrooms! Find out why I think these are a humble superfood!
3 ways to enjoy a ‘guilt-free’ Christmas AND my 21 Day Vegan Reboot in Jan- I don’t particularly like using the terms ‘guilt’, ‘cheat’, ‘treats’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but there are of course foods that, put simply, help us feel good and then those that don’t! You get the gist…generally at Christmas there is the … Continued
My top THREE foods for a pre-Christmas ‘detox’- November time can often be busy: post-summer, autumn, birthdays, heading towards the colder months…and Christmas! Sometimes I hear of people wanting to do a ‘detox’ before (and after!) the festive season – I’ve been talking about detoxification through some short … Continued

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