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Time management – 3 lessons I’ve learned - Do you often feel frazzled? Too many demands on your time? Well – I think that is pretty common these days – whatever your job, parenting commitments or otherwise. So, I hope you enjoy the downloadable pdf ‘Create a retreat … Continued
Want to know about food and mental health? - Catch me on the radio on Tuesday 19 June, BCFM between 3-4pm. 
3 things I do EVERY day. - One of the most common things I hear from clients is how they would like to create a habit – whether it’s drinking more water, doing more exercise or cooking more at home. I always advise to start with something … Continued
Want to feel good this summer? Read on… - Do you want to: Feel good this Summer? Feel body confident? Learn how to nourish yourself? Get a whole load of fresh, healthy and tasty recipes? Be part of a group? Get individual support on next steps? Join my 30 Day Summer … Continued
3 things I’ve learnt about comfort eating…and CHILLIS – my 5 mins on the radio last week - Comfort eating is when we eat out of something that is not real hunger – do you ever do this? Lots of us do, for different reasons – when speaking to my clients, this is a key issue which comes … Continued

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