My top THREE foods for a pre-Christmas ‘detox’ - November time can often be busy: post-summer, autumn, birthdays, heading towards the colder months…and Christmas! Sometimes I hear of people wanting to do a ‘detox’ before (and after!) the festive season – I’ve been talking about detoxification through some short … Continued
Eat For Your Body Type – Article Published in The Bristol Magazine, August 2018 - Want to know what to Eat For Your Body Type? I was speaking on this topic at the CNM Bristol Open Day as well as having an article published in The Bristol Magazine in August 2018 (p. 84). Check out the … Continued
Food and Mood this September - We will be exploring Food & Mood this September in my Facebook Group, Vibrant Health with Atiya so please join, interact and be inspired! We will explore PMT, anxiety and depression – what questions would you like answering? Let me know in … Continued
Habit Changes – Juices or Smoothies? - I often advise my nutrition clients to bring in a daily smoothie as an easy way to boost their health and energy levels. In this article I will answer three questions I am often asked: –       Why do we need juices … Continued
Do you want more energy? Q & A - July is themed around ENERGY in my Facebook group, where I post daily with recipes, ideas and thoughts: Vibrant Health with Atiya. Many of my clients talk about feeling tired, or having had experienced burnout.   At the start of the … Continued

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