3 things I do EVERY day.

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broccoli-3241701_1920One of the most common things I hear from clients is how they would like to create a habit – whether it’s drinking more water, doing more exercise or cooking more at home. I always advise to start with something small, achievable and practical, then build up (eg can you do ONE minute of meditation a day?) – of course there are lots of techniques that can support you there too, such as coaching, having an accountability partner (eg a friend), or actually setting time aside to put it in the diary.


For me, my personal habit is to hit things pretty hard and I see the same with some of my clients. At one point I was practising yoga for 4 hours a day around full time work! Over the years I have softened, experimented with different routines and found some flexibility that works with my personality and health needs. I suggest you explore too – of course, I can help guide you with this!


I often get asked about what I do, and I sometimes don’t feel it is helpful to share, as everyone has to find their own way! In the interests of openness, however, here are my top 3 non-negotiable things I do EVERY DAY.

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