My top THREE foods for a pre-Christmas ‘detox’

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46058276_1889901564456440_8563980839069679616_oNovember time can often be busy: post-summer, autumn, birthdays, heading towards the colder months…and Christmas! Sometimes I hear of people wanting to do a ‘detox’ before (and after!) the festive season – I’ve been talking about detoxification through some short videos in my Facebook group, Vibrant Health with Atiya.

The term ‘going on a detox’ is used differently by different people and I’m not so much in favour of the term (despite using it here to pique interest!). Generally it involves avoiding certain foods for a period of time – but I like to include certain foods which support the two phases of detoxification.

You can assess your toxin exposure and your need for detoxification support during my Facebook live on my page Atiya Nutrition – and help yourself by including my TOP THREE foods for a pre-Christmas ‘detox.

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