I don’t particularly like using the terms ‘guilt’, ‘cheat’, ‘treats’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but there are of course foods that, put simply, help us feel good and then those that don’t! You get the gist…generally at Christmas there is the temptation to eat more than usual in general, and more of foods that perhaps are richer, or usually avoid (eg fried, breaded foods etc!), plus you might be tired from going out later and drinking more, which also influence our food choices.


So what can you do to help you enjoy your Christmas and festive period, without feeling like you are dragging yourself into 2019? Here are my 3 ways to enjoy a ‘guilt-free’ Christmas:

  1. Get involved in cooking, where possible, or offer to make a dish! There are some great festive vegetables which you can jazz up – such as the humble Brussel sprout (which is really a closet super food, in my opinion – in the same family as broccoli, sharing many of the same health benefits) or a special healthier pudding!
  2. Keep up with the core elements of your normal routine which you have in place to help you keep healthy – check out my video in my Facebook Group where I share mine – what are your non-negotiable habits?
  3. Choose to spend time with people that make you feel good – social connection is important, in particular positive ones.

I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a great start to 2019. New Year is naturally a time for starting new projects and intentions, which is why I have a transformational coaching and nutrition programme starting on 14 January, a 21 day Vegan Reboot.

I’m so excited to share this with you! You will get:

  • A 21 day meal plan
  • Weekly videos on a weekly theme
  • Weekly personal coaching session with me (via phone/skype)
  • Lots of inspiration and motivation to feel fabulous for 2019!

There are limited spaces so I can offer tailored coaching to you – they would make a great Christmas present (for yourself and/or a friend/family member), and on offer until 24 December (£247, down from £295), with an extra discount for those in my Facebook Group.

Not sure if it is for you? Please book in a FREE call with me and we can discuss your needs.

Want to book? Transform your start to 2019 with my 21 Day Vegan Reboot!