Classic Dahl
Category: Dinner
Info: Enjoy this quick, easy and nutritious meal during the week or as a dinner party special!
Benefits: Liver, energy balancing
Serves: 6
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 30 mins
Ingredients: Red lentils – 2 mugs
3-4 mugs of boiling water
Cumin seeds (1-2 tbsp)
Mustard seeds (1tbsp)
Turmeric (1 tbsp)
Garam masala (1 tbsp)
Chilli (1 tbsp) or one fresh
Coriander – two handfuls fresh/more/less to serve’,


How to:

  1. Wash dahl in a sieve by running under cold water
  2. Tip dahl into large saucepan, with around 3 mugs of boiling water, cover and space on medium-high heat
  3. After about 5mins or when the dahl has come up to a boil, tilt the lid so that the steam can escape (otherwise water will spill over the side!), then turn down the heat and simmer for around 15-20 mins, stirring regularly and adding more water if the mixture becomes thick
  4. In the meantime, in a separate small saucepan, prepare the spices – heat 3 tbsp oil on a medium heat then fry mustards seeds until they pop, add cumin seeds and remaining dry spices for a few minutes or until you can smell their aroma – if you leave it too long, the spices will burn (some like this flavour!)
  5. Add the spice mixture to the dahl and stir through
  6. After simmering the dahl for around 15-20 minutes/when the dahl becomes soft, mash the dahl with a masher, add more water if needed (depending on how soupy/thick you like it), and cook for another 5 mins or so (there is no harm in leaving dahl to cook for longer if you need, but make sure that you stir regularly, it has enough water and that the dahl does not stick to the bottom of the pan)
  7. Add coriander and serve with rice!

*Tip! For quicker cooking time, soak dahl overnight covered in water’,