I was tempted to write an article about new year’s intentions, life after Veganuary or dry January…but I thought it would be more useful to write about something that we can subtly or easily shift, like including MORE of a type of food.

I chose mushrooms while I was choosing some recipes for a client from my new ebook, 21 Day Vegan Reboot Food Plan (£29 if you want to buy it!). Mushrooms are a closet and humble superfood!

Here are just a few health benefits of mushrooms (specific amount depends on variety):

  • Contain protein and B vitamins for energy! 
  • Fibre for feeling full and weight loss
  • High in antioxidants such as selenium and Vitamin C
  • Also support the immune system through their containing polysaccharides, beta glucans which both support and modulate the immune system 
  • Contain vitamin D (rare for a non-animal source), helping with the absorption of calcium and phosphorous for bone health
  • Good for gut health by acting as prebiotics, helping beneficial gut bacteria to grow
  • Help to lower cholesterol
  • There are specific medicinal varieties too, which I have been using more in my clinic – Reishi for example is an adaptogen which helps to manage the stress hormone, cortisol. 
  • White mushrooms (that you find in the supermarket) are still great! Include them alongside a varied and colourful diet. 

There are many ways to include them! I sent a recipe in my most recent monthly Vitality Updates newsletter – what’s your favourite way to eat them? Join my Facebook Group and share your pics!