Time management – 3 lessons I’ve learned

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hourglass-1703349_1920Do you often feel frazzled? Too many demands on your time? Well – I think that is pretty common these days – whatever your job, parenting commitments or otherwise. So, I hope you enjoy the downloadable pdf ‘Create a retreat in your own home’ which has some simple tips on self-care (available in my Facebook Group Vibrant Health with Atiya at the end of the month). Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to wake up at 5am, meditate for an hour and a long list of ‘must do’ self care tips – which then end up becoming a chore!


This month, I wanted to share my personal 3 things I’ve learnt about time management. I often talk to my self-employed, teacher and parent friends about the constant feeling of having things to do. Some people are able to draw a line under their to-do list and let it go, but others (like me) need to practice this! Here are the three lessons I’ve learned.

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