During your free discovery call, we will talk about what your goals are and what kind of support you think you will need, before booking your chosen bespoke package. I typically run 8-12 week programmes to help you reach your goals.

XbXbkVO6kEz_DKMH6LycYtGg1C7cSv6Kmz5xgVwScdUPrior to coming I will ask you to complete a health questionnaire to make our time together the most efficient. When you come for your initial consultation (lasting around 60 minutes), I will ask you questions about your symptoms, health conditions (if any), general health, family history, medical history, current diet, lifestyle and current medications and supplements. I will also ask to look at your tongue and hands, which can be helpful in reviewing your full health picture. I will ask you to bring along a food diary for the 3 days before the appointment – there is no judgment in this, so please write down what you eat and drink so that you can get the most from the appointment. We will talk this through and discuss what you want from the consultation.

We will work together to put together a diet and lifestyle plan which is tailored for you, so that it is realistic and achievable. I will explain the main changes that we need to make.

You will leave the appointment full of enthusiasm and excited about your next steps! You will leave with a plan (please make notes) and I will follow up the appointment with any recipes, information handouts or supplement recommendations, within the next 3-5 working days.

Depending on the level of support you have chosen, we will have a number of follow-up appointments (60 minutes) and/or calls (20-30 minutes) where we will discuss your progress, any challenges that you have experienced and anything new that may have arisen. We will then adjust and review your plan accordingly, so that you can achieve your health goals.

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