How was your health before starting a nutritional therapy programme with Atiya?

‘My health has always been quite unstable due to suffering from episodic migraines all my life. These became more frequent and more disabling in the last ten years. I’ve had to resort to specific medications which partly helped and partly gave me lots of side effects, including stomach-ache, acid reflux and constipation. Taking new preventative medications and weaning off them is a very destabilising experience for both my body and mind and managing migraine is a long-term goal that doesn’t happen overnight and may involve a range of individual strategies. One of the main goals for me was to decrease the number of attacks, quantity of medications and understand how to balance my level of energy (ranging from very high to very low, despite sleeping regular hours, having regular meal and doing regular exercise) and support digestion and stomach upset.

How has the nutritional therapy programme impacted on your health? How do you feel now?

The programme helped me to; 1. learn more about my condition from a nutritional point of view 2. diagnose a high level of glucose ranked pre-diabetes which was quite a shock, as well as low vitamin d and 3. try new combinations of ingredients, 4. Re introduce food I like but I was avoiding due to acid reflux.

I feel much better than when I started the programme, I have had less migraines, more energy and better outlook for my conditions. Introducing little changes like avoiding drinking during meals, having blueberries during sweet craves and use pulses and fish more often as well as having targeted supplements have made a real difference. In the last two months I have had one or two migraines compared to an average of six-eight a month. I am slowly weaning off the preventative medication I am on and that’s a real achievement.

What would you say to friends and family considering a nutritional therapy programme for themselves?

I would recommend seeing a nutritional not only if they have a health problem but also to understand how to optimise body function in a busy lifestyle. Nutritional therapy helps you to make the right choices for yourself so that you don’t need the supermarkets of businesses in the food industry to do it for you, those are designed to make profits and not to keep you healthy. Sarah, Bristol

“Thank you so much Atiya. I really feel like you’ve helped me make some long lasting positive changes”. Mary, Bristol

“Absolutely fantastic, thank you! I’ve learnt so much and feel so much better.” Dave, Bristol

I had been suffering from a chronic fatigue issue after contracting a particularly virulent virus. I was constantly tired and felt exhausted. I thought that my diet was pretty good as I`m interested in health foods, but wanted to seek some advice to improve it to make absolutely sure that I was getting everything my body needed nutritionally. 

Over a period of around 3 months my health has significantly improved following the plan that Atiya set out. I have significantly more energy and feel stronger and lighter, I`m also enjoying preparing and cooking a wider range of foods which I enjoy.

Is a very worthwhile exercise as part of a holistic overhaul of health, lifestyle and personal growth. John, Bristol

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