‘The Stacking Plan’, by Sally Beare – my review published by BANT

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The Stacking Plan, by Sally Beare

Book Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 13.41.37Review by Atiya Khan as published in the BANT August newsletter (full newsletter available to members only)

‘Stack on the good habits, lose the bad ones, feel the benefits’ is the tagline for this informative and accessible book by Sally Beare. As NTs we can be associated with ‘taking away’ certain foods, which can lead to feelings of deprivation and non-compliance. This book tackles this attitude and mindset, as expanded in the back cover by stating, ‘The Stacking Plan is healthy-eating plan in which, instead of giving things up, you take things on. Each week you take up just one new healthy-eating habit, whilst carrying on with whatever you normally do the rest of the time. As the weeks go by, you ‘stack’ the good habits on top of each other’.

The Stacking Plan includes:

1 Breakfast Week

2 Fruit Week

3 Vegetables Week

4 Proteins Week

5 Carbohydrates Week

6 Fats Week

7 Digestion Week

8 Probiotics Week

9 Drinks Week

10 No more S.A.D.

Each chapter explains the reasoning, together with references, for focusing on the theme for the week, with practical tips for common questions and pitfalls eg ‘If you are usually not hungry at breakfast time, try having a small supper the night before…’, together with recipes, food ideas, a summary and testimonials from two ‘human guinea pigs’ following the plan. The staged plan eases the reader into concentrating on one theme a week, while Sally addresses the particular issues around a certain food group during the relevant week, eg refined carbohydrates during Carbohydrates Week. Any potentially controversial foods are dealt with in a balanced way by listing benefits and drawbacks, for example with eating legumes.

The book also contains holistic and lifestyle advice for longevity, based on Sally’s previous studies and books on the ‘Longevity Hot Spots’, which completes the book as a rounded and realistic health guide.

The Stacking Pan is a useful read for NTs in potentially reframing advice in a more positive way, and for recommending to clients and their wider circle who would like a gradual and generalised approach to being healthier, with scope to personalise advice as appropriate.

BANT rating 5/5

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